Thursday, May 26, 2011

We live in interesting times!

A little dream of mine came a step closer to reality today, as Bell of Lost Souls announced the arrival of an Iron Lich solo. I've had this dream of running a full lich army since I discovered this game, but a solid core would do as a beginning. Now I have a non-cheese version of Lich Lord Asphyxious, the Withershadow Combine, and the new Iron Lich solo.

Iron Lich Overseer
Soul Matrix - While in this model's command range during their activation, warjacks controlled by this model can spend soul tokens on this model to gain additional attacks or to boost attack or damage rolls at one token per attack or boost.

So, that could be a Jack Marshall (which would suck), or a Journeyman Warcaster type (which would be fantastic) or something we've never seen before (I hope not). After the Wraith Engine I don't have a lot of faith in things we've never seen before, but a Journeyman Warcaster would fit very well into a lot of the builds I've been playing around with.

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