Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wildlife Preserve

It has been brought to my attention, that Scavengers are going extinct across the Iron Kingdoms. In spite of my public relations work on the Privateer Press forums, the Scavenger remains a sadly misunderstood release, so in a last ditch attempt at redemption, I'm founding a preserve.
The Scavenger:  Current score
Scavengers lost: 3
Casters beaked: Grim Angus, Dr. Arkadius, Grim Angus, Gunnbjorn, Gunnbjorn, The Harbinger.
The Scavenger:  A summary
The Scavenger is rated well below average, and this is almost understandable when you look at it. The problem is, that these ratings never seem to take into account, that some pieces are either designed with a specific caster in mind, or to simply exploit a feature or spell available only to a select few casters. There are several pieces in Warmachine, which the general population accept as great additions to certain lists, while considering them poor choices with most other casters. I aim to achieve the critical mass needed, for the Scavenger to take it's rightful place amongst these pieces.

The final obstacle I need to overcome, is the deeply rooted idea, that everything in Warmachine is about raw power and survivability. Whenever the Scavenger is mentioned, the arguments invariably veer toward the point-cost issues, and then without question, the five point Slayer is brought up. Mortenebra is the only caster able to push a Scavenger to it's true potential, and as such it makes perfect sense to include the tier discount when discussing cost efficiency. The main issue with this comparison is, that they're comparing apples and oranges, and they never seem to notice. Thus begins the long and arduous task, of redeeming the Scavenger:

Articles regarding the Scavenger:
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  1. I don't really get why you claim that "Mortenebra is the only caster able to push a Scavenger to it's true potential". Is there a reason beyond simply Terminal Velocity? Cos it's not any better than the Coven's awesome Infernal Machine, and they can also add a curse of shadows on the target to ensure huge dammage comes from that hidden flying bonejack.
    I usually play one (until I decide to get a second one!) with pGoreshade's Shadowmancer. Basically -2 ARM on a damaged target is enough to make sure you get a 7" sprint getting your precious jack back to safety, with DEF 16 + terrain + stealth.
    Just today I had some focus I didn't know where to put and got my Scav to finish off Magnus's Renegade + a solo in one turn befor flying over a house making it unreachable by anything.
    Scavengers are just awesome, and seriously, how could a twisted Cryx player not love such a great model!

    Love scavengers =)

  2. Since you posted the second answer/question on another thread I'll repeat it here :D

    "OK forget the part where I asked why they were so good with Mortenebra. Understood ^^
    Still, even when you're not an assassination fan you can use a Scavenger to do so many other useful things. "

    I couldn't agree more. Slamming, clearing lanes, and a host of other useful things...