Friday, June 17, 2011

Scaverous model...

Since I've already pre-ordered the guy, I might as well do something to make looking at him tolerable. I think he'll mesh well with the Talos from Games Workshops Dark Eldar line.

This is a lot closer to what I felt Scaverous should look like, so I'll see if I can't use the parts to make a legal Scaverous that doesn't suck. I know a lot of people like the new model, but it seriously looks as if a Slayer impregnated the Cankerworm, and the offspring robbed a warehouse labeled "Weapons even Games Workshop thought was lame". It does require me to buy a GW product, but as my spine closely resembles a wet noodle, it should come to no surprise that I already placed the order.

The Talos kit should also give me all sorts of nifty stuff, I can use to enhance a lot of the other models I feel are lacking. Maybe my Terminus should feature some yummy tentacles as well, if I ever use him again. Scaverous can out-tank him, is on a medium base, and has so many crazy abilities. He also has more WJ points, so getting an Ogrun Bokur to block Eyriss should be a minor investment. Scaverous is crazy tough, so I'll just have to work around his silly spells and model.
  • Step 2: Make a nice model.
  • Step 3: Explain to everyone that Librarians are bad motherfuckers.
  • Step 4: Punch them in the face if they disagree, then shout "I told you so".
This probably only works, if people know I actually am a Librarian. That just leaves step one, which is figuring out how to bend the conversion rules as much as possible; A converted model must contain a majority of parts from the WARMACHINE or HORDES model for which the rules were written. The end result of any conversion must be something that is clearly identifiable as the intended miniature and accurately represents its weapons and equipment as listed in its rules.

I could technically melt him, recast the metal as a Talos, add a Scythe, write Scaverous on it, photo document it, and call it a day. Realistically though, I'll need to think up some way of retaining a parts majority, leave it clearly identifiable as Scaverous, while avoiding the whole "your mother was humped by a Slayer" feel. A challenge... I like it.

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