Monday, June 13, 2011

Suddenly the pieces fell into place regarding Scaverous

I had a little nerd-rage session at my club tonight, but suddenly the pieces fell into place. I've hated Scaverous from the second he was spoiled, and it's been hard explaining why, but when the words were on the table they rang true, and it's nothing more than simple disappointment. This is what I expected...

The way he was described had me thinking he was an archivist of hidden lore, and the Scavengers would fit well with the theme. He could have an ability that allowed Scavengers to collect corpse tokens for him, which would allow him to "purchase" some extra abilities from nearby Cephalyx units.

They could have included a few additional Cephalyx units/solos, or even a Cephalyx Lesser Warlock which could be really creepy, and the whole archivist feel he had going in the fluff would have made him my favorite warcaster, even if he did make me take Cephalyx.

He could have abilities like eHaley that allowed him to copy spells cast near him, and maybe Madrak Ironhide's Scroll to make him a bit survivable. There are so many exceptionally cool abilities out there, and with his theme as an archivist he could easily pick and choose spells/abilities from every caster out there, to make him a true archivist at heart.

Instead we received this.

I heard a lot of exceptional things about Scaverous; his name alone made me think of a creepy old geezer picking through remains on the battlefield, but instead of an archivist he's a Helljack with a chainsaw, that can out-tank Terminus.

Lastspartacus says it so well over at the forums: "Its like hearing fluff about the Coolest Dude caster, then he comes out and has an amazing ruleset...that has nothing to do with what made him sound cool to you". I was expecting an archivist, not the bastard child of a Slayer and something that escaped from a dungeon at Games Workshop.

That's why I hate him... nothing else.

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