Saturday, June 18, 2011

Croe's Cutthroats: the embodiment of failure

I had my first game with Scaverous, and that did not end well. I was allowed to proxy him, as Maelstrom still keeps my pre-order on hold for some reason (I think they hate me for canceling an order, "just" because it was six weeks late). I faced Kaya the Wildborne, and I was thoroughly pleased to finally get my first match against Circle. As it turns out, having Occultation & Tracker made Kaya pretty much immune to my assassination attempts, and Scaverous had to acknowledge, that ending his days a dog-food is a wee bit embarrassing.

Still, It was an expected loss, and I learned a lot from the game. It's a sad thing to admit, but Internet wisdom proved me wrong for once, and Scaverous does indeed seem to be an attrition caster. He has access to a spectacular assassination run, but if it fails he's a quadrillion miles behind in attrition, and has next to no way of catching up. Next time I'll try the attrition route, while attempting to dictate play with his assassination potential instead.

Croe's Cutthroats failed me spectacularly, and missed every attack that actually mattered, but I'm determined to make them work. They fit my theme, they look awesome, and they're Ninja Assassins for christ's sake. I don't care if I loose every match because they suck, I'm bringing them. This is something entirely new for me, and I hope it heralds a new level of maturity in gaming (heaven knows I need it).

So come Monday I'll be trying an attrition list, and maybe finding myself an easier opponent to mend my broken ego. I did win my second game today, but the amount of mistakes I made was heartbreaking, and only the even greater mistakes of my opponent, saved the day.

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