Tuesday, August 30, 2011

pDenny 50, second game.

With a week to go, I finally had my second game with my backup list. I decided to go with the exact same pDenny list as last time, and I had the best match-up I could possibly imagine (or so I thought). I faced a Searforge list under Madhammer, and I was told it would be a free win.

Bane Lord Tartarus, 3 Bane Thralls, 6 Satyxis Raiders, my Raider Captain, and one of my Arc nodes disagreed with that statement after his first round, but at least it made the game a bit more interesting. After loosing 16/55 points in one round of shooting I was reeling, but as always Blackbane's Ghost Raiders saved the day.

I engaged his lines in a way, that would force him to blast his own troops to smithereens if he wanted to get rid of them. He only had one choice (since it was killbox and he couldn't retreat), which was to move up Madhammer and wipe the Ghost Raiders, but this left him open to Withering + Crippling, and after a Warwitch Siren hit him with Shadow Bind, he was a DEF 7 ARM 14 Warcaster, in range of a Bane Thrall.

I made such a mess of this game, but in the end the list took care of it. My opponent and I agreed, that he was fighting a hard uphill battle, and even the massive casualties in the first round, didn't count for much as the Ghost Raiders could basically win the game by themselves. I did however learn one thing from the game, and that is that my army is by no means immune to blast damage, even if they're all stealth or Incorporeal.

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