Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scaverous fail... well, it should have been.

I took my army out for a spin last night, and what a nightmare.

I clogged up my lanes with Bloodgorgers, blocked in my own models, and got stuck behind walls (I couldn't pass them with Ghost Walk because I had models from different units, and a couple of solos/jacks behind it). Then I messed up activations, and I even began the game with first blood on my own models due to a mighty scattering Feast of Worms. An accurate portrayal of my army in turn two and beyond...

I couldn't get anything working, and I played like an ass, but as always the lord of dice intervened. The casualties inflicted by a full unit Nihilators on a charge... One... the casualties of the following round of attacks... Zero. So after having missed thirteen 5+ rolls in a row, he managed to land a few and get in some casualties, but by then it was to late. It was a total suck game, that only had two bright spots for me.

Croe: The man himself, clipped Molik Karn on a free strike, and inflicted nine points of damage on him, removing his spirit, and getting him stuck in a pile of pain. The round after that, he charged a Bronzeback in the rear arc, and inflicted fourteen damage on it.

Slaughterborn: Charged a Gladiator, and inflicted 17 damage on it with one hit. This was something quite new, as he usually doesn't do anything at all, but being able to keep him a bit back was nice.

So in general, while my army is fine, it just does not work in cramped fighting. I'm thinking I need a total army revamp for the masters, and then I can run my fancy army in friendly games. I'll still try and include some of the units/models I rarely use, so maybe Blackbane's Ghost Raiders should make an appearance. Croe's take to long, and require to much finesse, and Bloodgorgers simply take up to much space.

The game was against pMorghul by the way, and ended when Morghul tried for an assassination, just to find out he couldn't actually hurt Scaverous at all. I took a shot with Scaverous in melee, because I honestly felt he should have won the game, and he deserved a shot if Scaverous failed (11+ to hit in melee, so he easily could have). A quite tense finish to an otherwise ridiculous game, and it took frigging four hours and pissed of my wife-to-be at home :D


  1. Yup, that wasn't the most awesome of battles...guess both of us could do with a rematch at some point.

    I'm not really sure how you could ever avoid clogging your own lanes with that much infantry, really.

    I think my list was decent enough, one could always argue that having Molik around is more of a crutch than a benefit. I'll consider switching him for another Bronzeback.

    Another thing might be the removal of the Soulward in exchange for Orin Midwinter...

  2. It's worked well in the previous two games actually, but one of them was against a Karchev list, where I had the table to myself, and in the other game the Bloodgorgers took some heavy casualties in the first two rounds, so it all evened out nicely.

    I've never had issues with fielding a lot of infantry, but that's mostly due to the normal principle of "flow" I follow. Bane Knights wouldn't have gotten stuck, neither would Blackbane's Ghost Raiders, and then I could have gotten the rest of them out safely.

    Either way, I'm up for a rematch, when I define a new army to field!

  3. Hi there,
    I had almost the same idea with Scaverous as your list and I tried it some times and are having the same failings with the Bloodgorgers. They are simple in the way and sometimes even block my LOS
    Would you mind having a debate over the mail?
    Btw I´m also Dansih

    You can write me at

    / Schiller