Monday, August 8, 2011

pDenny Vs. Damiano

Like a boss...

I took the list out for a spin, and since I've faced Skorne the last three games, I had a crisis of faith when I saw nothing but Skorne at the tables. In the end a Merc player found me, and we had us a game of infantry-machine. Damiano Vs. pDenny, with a combined total of one heavy jack, and two light jacks on the table.

I felt pretty confident about the game, and lined up my hordes of infantry, only to realize that I was outnumbered. I won the roll to go first, and advanced everything up the field. the Ghost Raiders and Pistol Wraiths had a nice building to hide behind, across from Nyss Hunters and Steelhead Riflemen, and the Satyxis Raiders found another building further up the field on the other flank. The Bane Thralls took the center, facing up against a unit of Halberdiers. Gorman & Eyriss took out a few of the Satyxis (I forgot his grenade wasn't blast damage and ran to close), but then my turn two came around and the slaughter began.

Gorman was slain by the Raider Captain, and while Eyriss did survive she was locked down by Satyxis, Captain, and a Warwitch. The Pistol Wraiths began gunning down Nyss Hunters, and after the first hit, the boosted shots took care of any Nyss Hunter in the open. Ghost Raiders ran through the buildings and engaged the Nyss Hunters, Riflemen, and Halberdiers, and then my Bane Thralls charged. This is where I should have been paying attention, because due to Hawk with Sure Foot, Set defense (I was close enough to walk in, but noooooo I had to charge), and a couple of other effects, my Bane Thralls were rolling against DEF 18 and failed miserably.

In order to survive I charged a Bane Thrall in the back with Deneghra, and locked his army down with The Withering (also, that's the only Tough check I made in that game). Since Admonia then took care of his Vengeance upkeep, the center was more or less intact after his retaliation (lost about half the Bane Thralls though), and while the Nyss Hunters was magicked up by A&H, the Ghost Raiders scraped by with around half their numbers intact.

Yeah that's right... we're nine points biaaaatch!

From there it was all down hill for him, and while it took me forever to grind through those Halberdiers, his flanks vanished to the Incorporeal horde on the left, and the Satyxis on the right. The Ghost Raiders were back up to eight members by turn four, but the Withershadow Combine sealed the deal. Disbinding from Admonia, Puppet Master on Maelovus, and since Damiano was within walking range (he came up to nuke Tartarus, to keep me from turning more Halberdiers), it was time to say goodbye.

I can reroll that "1", and keep the "5" you know...

Deneghra cast just one spell during the entire game, and it missed, so mostly she just hid behind as much terrain, and as many models as she could find, and allowed her army to demolish him. With the amount of stealth and Incorporeal on the table, A&H just couldn't keep up, and the Ghost Raiders had three units engaged the whole game. The Pistol Wraiths absolutely raped his Nyss Hunters, taking down all but two of them in three rounds of shooting. In the end they both died, when they had no more Nyss Hunters to hide behind, and Holt killed them both in one round, but engaging to make Nyss Hunters roll MAT 6 against DEF 14, and then leaving and gunning them down in the next round, was fun.

So, maybe some minor tweaks are in order, but in general I was happy with the way the army performed. I had more questions about the Ghost Raiders from my opponent, but the mobility they offer, and the chaos they cause, is just to good a thing to pass up. A&H gave the Nyss Hunters magical weapons, but since they were only engaged by three Ghost Raiders, the rest of them were annoying as hell, and safely hidden behind Riflemen and Halberdiers.


  1. Try this:
    Wraith Witch Deneghra
    Skarlock Thrall
    Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
    Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
    The Withershadow Combine
    Bane Lord Tartarus
    Machine Wraith
    Pistol Wraith
    Pistol Wraith
    Warwitch Siren
    Warwitch Siren
    It has got a bit of everything: heavy hitters, deathjack and bane thralls, board control with the pistol wraiths locking down enemy heavies and the caster feat, distruption with the machine wraith, infantry removal in hellmouth, movement out of activation in pursuit, terrain and troop mitigation with the skarlock casting ghost walk and curse of shadows on enemies (or friendlies!), one slam-bot for being ignored by the opponent until it knoks down their caster for the wraiths to pick apart, and because it's Deneghra, some arc nodes to taste.
    You have all the models, just play it once and let us know how it went, please! :)

  2. That will have to be after my wedding tomorrow, and my honeymoon, and the Danish Masters :D

  3. Aaand last night was Wednesday, and I'm getting married Saturday. Total wedding brain malfunction there, but it does allow me to answer your question a little better.

    I really don't like the Deathjack, and I've gotten pretty good at dodging guys with pitchforks, so don't bother trying. He's expensive, fragile, and an obvious threat. There's no doubting the power he brings, but he's the anti-thesis to my water theory, so he stays in the box.

    The Helldiver regularly does battle with the Scavenger, for the right to be my favorite light jack, but I don't see what he's doing in this list, so maybe you could expand that line of thinking a bit?

    Finally I don't like Wraith Witch Deneghra much. Granted, this could be because I've only ever played her once, and it was my first game ever. She simply does not support my way of playing, and instead goes in for that one big round of awesome, and is up shit creek if it fails.

  4. Congratulations and all my best wishes! Some people get cold feet, you just got a bit of a cold brain there. Too much ice cream? :)

    Anyway, why should that one big round of awesome not suffice? Do it on turn two and set yourself up for turn three. All you need to worry about hurting your caster is magical shooting, meaning 10" away from druids, mittens and errants and having pistols pick apart ayana & holt. Keep nodes away from shooting. Move up and cast with DJ, (mind you, they can still trigger pursuit even if they turn, they have to forfeit movement so it will not count as an advance) if you need to. Advance everything stealth and wait out the enemy turn. Then just crash in with all your stuff and cripple their forces and back away with Denny. There is nothing that could go wrong. All you need to do, before committing to the use of the feat is asking your opponent any and all means of moving themselves, increasing range on spells/guns, or, most important, moving your models into range.
    I only lost twice with this, once against Gorten who counter-feated and dragged me in range of his ayana & holt magicked up guns and once against druids, because i forgot to reroll (withershadow) a boosted hellmouth on my marked for death hit in the back machine wraith that was engaging his druids.

    Still, if you have the time (apparently), before the wedding and all, just give the list a trial run. You have nothing to lose and all to gain, because even if you don't play her, be sure there will be lots of people who will, at the Masters, because she's so good for scenarios. So I believe it pays to have a bit more of an understanding for one of the best casters in Cryx.

    Oh, and once again, congratulations on your wedding, and as they say around here to newly-weds, may your house be made of stone! Traditional well-wishing is traditional. :)