Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Game Theory: Announcement

In a recent discussion I found myself defending the idea that list construction matters. A player was repeatedly told that his lists were fine, and his lack of experience with it, was his only problem.

I can't blame the player, because the people who told him this are amongst the best players in the country, so why would he question that particular piece of advice? These are players that teach me important lessons on a weekly basis, and players that are responsible for my greatest defeats, but nobody can know everything.

The player in question was on a six game losing streak, and whenever he actually won it was against poor opponents, or due to favorable dice. The thing that caught my attention was, that he kept telling people he made to many mistakes, and they kept agreeing. I had faced him before, and I just couldn't recognize him in the picture they put together.

We argued back and forth for a few weeks, but in the end he took my advice. Personally I would have chosen another unit, but he caught the idea behind the tool, and gave it his own personal touch. The player won his next five games, and is now an opponent I hope to avoid during the masters. Update: With the Masters done, I can safely say, that he turned out to be a great player. I managed a fifth place, and using just that one little change to his army, he came in fourth.

I'm not going to argue that knowing your list isn't important, or even tell you that you can win any game without knowing your army, because that would be nothing short of stupid. I am going to tell you, that constructing the right list is important, and having the right tool is more important than you know.

Now before I begin this project, I'll be honest and tell you that it might take a while. These are complex tools to be explained, and I'm not even sure I've named/mastered them all yet. Many of them tamper with the Warmahordes doxa, and will need some detailed articles in order to avoid confusion as well. Using these tools will not make you a fantastic unbeatable player, but they will make it easier to become one.

Obvious Tools:
  • Screens
  • Defenses
  • Counters
  • Assassins
Less obvious Tools:
Obscure Tools:

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