Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Game Theory: Gobbers

This is NOT my work.
The Gobber maneuver is easy to show, and hard to fully explain, so I'll just give you a little teaser from the original article, and make you go read the real thing instead.
Red 1 and Red 3 are now either partially or entirely stuck. The rules of the game say that the big scary Red warthingies can’t just ignore the useless Gobbers free of charge; they either need to move another model up to kill the Gobbers (which will often mean blocking access with his OWN models even after he’s cleared yours), Trample over them (paying one valuable focus/fury and losing all of his initial attacks, making it unlikely he’ll hurt 1 on the follow-up attacks), or spend a turn uselessly killing Gobbers with his 7-12pt models.
The full length article can be found here, and should be considered required reading.

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  1. I have often used a similar strategy but not with this much thought behind it :) One more thing to add to the long list of stuff to remember ;) I have had great success using Blackbane's agains stuff that lacks magical attacks to close down ranged attacks and close combat around key models, by just having them standing there, denying the enemy the possibility of placing his models there.