Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rorsh & Brine + Gun Boar

I found some more Guns!

At the club this Monday, a friend of mine was painting some Thornfall models, and talking about Rorsh & Brine. It took me a couple of days to connect the dots, but I've been looking for a heavy with pDenny for a while, and while I keep failing with Wrong Eye & Snapjaw, these guys have guns! The following is ALL theory, as I've never actually had them on the table.

Rorsh can bring in a Gun Boar as well, which not only gives me another gun, but also another set of options. The way I see it, Rorsh is about three points, making Brine around six points. That means my Rorsh + Gun Boar combo is worth eight points, making it a very good deal on shooting, with Pig Iron, Dynamite, and the light cannon.

I can't really ignore the fact, that I've got Brine, a six point death-piggie, walking around with no Fury (since Rorsh is managing the Gun Boar), but at six points I can throw him away without loosing to much. With pDenny I can keep him back, shield Rorsh, and suicide an opposing heavy when needed.

With my access to debuffs (Crippling, Parasite, Withering, Rust, Dark Shroud, and Shadow Bind), Brine can reliably take down an opposing heavy. It will probably cost him his life, and if it doesn't he will probably frenzy, but having the ability to send in the death-piggie free of charge is quite valuable.

The real fun is found with the other two guys. Rorsh is a mercenary/minion, so Dougal MacNaile can give him extra powder rations, and make him more accurate with his Dynamite, if that ever becomes relevant. That means that Rorsh can threaten quite a bit of the table with his Pig Iron, and a knocked down caster with a Parasite on, will not like those two shots, with boosted damage, coming his way.

The Gun Boar also brings an interesting option: It's animus. Being able to react to incoming enemies is just to much fun, and if placed right a unit of infantry going for Brine, will find themselves taking fire before they get to strike. If that unit happened to be affected by Parasite, they will take some serious hurt. Rorsh can also use it, and while unlikely to be in range of his Dynamite (and using his Pig Iron might be dangerous), it will allow him a chance at taking down that solo assassin that just came for him.

While the Gun Boar won't get extra range from Dougal, it will become quite deadly with pDenny and her debuffs. It also has two open fists, and with Crippling/Withering up, it can throw rather large things around if needed. If nothing else, it's able to deal out a surprising amount of pain in melee, and it's almost as tough as a Cryx heavy to begin with.

So, I'm looking forward to see if this actually works, but sadly I don't own them yet, so it will be by proxy or after a lot of waiting.


  1. I'm looking forward to hear how the combinations works out!

  2. Entertainment was had by all, but the combination was dropped to fit in three Machine Wraiths and Orin.