Sunday, September 4, 2011

Control points...

Being bored in a train home, I'm thinking about this whole "failure to score control points". I think I need to bring a ranged game to the table, because my mostly melee armies have a hard time keeping an opponent at bay, without going all in, and forcing a caster kill (and it seems that's a sure way of pushing yourself out of the top three, unless you can go 5-0 in games).

I can't take points, if I need my caster up front, in radial scenarios. I can't take points with Terminus, as most of his army is dogpiling the enemy, and I can't stand back against ranged armies and just take it (Cryx won't stand up to that kind of punishment).

So a quick idea I'll have to try out, is my current pDenny list without Satyxis & Blackbane's, but buffing the Bane Thralls to full, and including a full unit of Nyss Hunters with Dougal MacNaile. Combined with the Withering, 10 Nyss Hunters, 2 Pistol Wraiths, WSC, Dougal, and a pile of sprays, I should be able to clear up just about anything except real heavies, at range, while preventing them from really retaliating.

If they get to close for comfort, I still have 22 Weapon masters in the list, and while they need assistance hitting anything but barn doors in melee, that's something pDenny does pretty well. I'll loose my ability to push/hold with the Satyxis, and my ability to stall an entire army with Blackbane's, but I'll gain a way to leech some precious control points.


  1. That is sorta my problem as well.
    I have too much units and/or solos who have more important tasks to enable assassination run then run for control points.

    I extremely rarely get any ctrl points with Treminus unless something goes wrong and I have to play attrition.

    Besides including Machine Wrath for ctrl point chasing role, you could try practice moving with solos and positioning them to support/attack and be "threat" for objectives.

    We don't lack fast staple solos (Siren, Darragh, PW to some extent, Satyxis Captain, etc) so it's matter of practice.


  2. I just never seem to have anything left over to actually do that. It might be practice, but I see the other melee armies struggling as well.

    In the masters, the top three were Searforge AoE hell, Trollbloods AoE hell, and one extremely lucky Skorne player pulling wins out of his behind (he had to go buy his third opponent a beer, after winning on a 1/60 shot).

    Fourth place was Khador Winterguard/AoE spam, and me on fifth with no points but 4-1 wins. Two control points would have pulled me up to fourth, three would have been third, four would have been second, and six would have won me the tournament.

    I'll let you know how it goes with the ranged list :D