Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pondering a new concept.

I've been doing my spotlight articles for a while now, and I really enjoy writing them. The spotlight articles are usually done on units I find to be fantastic, in spite of public opinion, but today it struck me that I could do a reverse type article as well.

I regularly see answers on the forums with "apply more Bane Thralls" or "The Deathjack will make you win", and it makes me think I need to take them down a notch. It's not that these units aren't amazing, but they're clutch models, and they will not help you win if you don't know their weaknesses.

I'd like to create a place where players can come, when they keep failing in spite of bringing only the models they were recommended. I'd like to write "The Deathjack sucks and will make you loose", so players won't despair, when they keep loosing.

I'd like a great many things, but I'll try writing one of these anti-spotlights, and see how it goes. In short, I'd like to take a stand against the gold plated wonder boys of Warmachine, so let's see how that works out for me :)


  1. I'm looking forward to this one. I currently have the problem, that the expensive things I put in my lists, often end up being destroyed before they can really do anything. I guess it's because that when people see the Deathjack, they just really want it dead :)

  2. That's the main reason I don't bring him. I've spent an hour figuring out how to approach this subject, and I'm not getting any closer :D

  3. I really hope you will do it anyways sometime in the near future thu :)

  4. Well, I gave it my best shot, and it's up :)

  5. I have read it and I think it's quite good. It gives you something to think about regarding specific units/models and if their points cost fielding them in a list, could be better spend else where.

  6. It was a lot harder than writing a spotlight, but I'm happy it made some sense :D