Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A comment from RessurectioN

I had a comment on my post about ranged attrition, that I think deserves a thorough answer. We're talking about Mechanithralls, survivability, activation sequence, and screening. I'm arguing against Mechanithralls, because the more I learn about the game, the less of an obvious choice they become.
Def of all of our infantry is poor (Satyxis excluded) and arm helps only against blast anyways.

They can be messy to activate properly but I've learned how to do it and get huge threat ranges via Necrosugeon.

As for using them as screens: they are good enough once they run up to 12" (sometimes out of formation) and stay just in front of models and now they have to be dealt with or charge lanes are blocked and activation sequence is changed to remove them. All for 0.5 pts per model.

While the defense of most our infantry is rather poor, you will find that most of them have alternate methods of defense. Bane Thralls have Stealth, Blackbane's have Incorporeal, Blood Witches can create clouds or go Incorporeal, Bane Knights have solid ARM and a deterrent from shooting at them (Vengeance), and the list goes on. Mechanithralls have no method of defense, but can be "upgraded" with an ability to respawn.

Activating the Mechanithrall horde is a nightmare, and even when you get a grip on it, situations will arise, where you will need to throw your sequence out the window, and plan a new one. This is really time consuming, when you have 10-34 (or, heaven help, you 47 models) models spread out on four units. The Mechanithrall missiles are fine, and I've even killed pButcher with them once, but it's not worth the problems they create, and you're not getting them back either (since the Necrosurgeon is way out of collection range).

Mechanithralls are shit poor screens, but they are fine Gobbers. There's a massive difference in their use, and what you're describing is the Gobber maneuver. Mechanithralls are fine Gobbers, but as a screen they fail miserable, with no survivability, no reach, weak free strikes, and small bases. Mechanithralls were my first love, and at one point I owned 40 of them, but they just don't cut it in competitive, timed play.

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