Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 1 update...

Brain... hurt...

Short update after the first day. Game one was against an Ashlynn list, and I grabbed the chance at getting my game with pDenny out of the way. I really hate Ashlynn, and her feat always makes the games a lot harder than any other mercenary caster.

The game was exceptionally close, but in the end a Scourge hit Ashlynn, and two Pistol Wraiths + all three Withershadow Combine, all with souls to boost, had a line on her. It sounds like I was in the clear, but the final shot took out Ashlynn around thirty seconds before dice down, and I would have lost on the tie-breaker.

So with the first game out of the way, I had made my goal and won a game. I then faced up against the only Menoth player in the entire tournament, and got my ass kicked. Game 2 was against Severius, and "ass-kicked" is a bit much. Severius survived a charge from Terminus (total dice rape), and he won on scenario after some epic dice on his part. I got a special mention, for being the first player ever, to get a warcaster to reach the opponent table edge in scenario play, when I ran to catch up to the fleeing severius. He was a fine opponent, and the game was a lot of fun, so even though I lost I had a great game, and the mental image of Terminus chasing a screaming Severius into the sunset keeps me warm tonight. This is the second time I loose with Terminus, and again it was on scenario. I think I might need to curb my enthusiasm, and keep those scenarios in mind.

The third game was against a T4 Doomreaver list, that had annihilated both players before him, but I had Bile Thralls. I moved up, he moved up, I killed 75% of his army, he killed a Warwitch Siren, then Terminus hit eButcher with something to prove from my last game (he even had two of his normal Focus left when eButcher died, and I had 12 Focus on top of that). I lost one Bane Thrall, two Bile Thralls that purged themselves, and the Warwitch Siren, making it the worst defeat I've ever inflicted on anyone.

So at the end of day one, I've won 2/3 games, and placed somewhere around the middle. It's a lot better than I feared, and even if I loose both games tomorrow I'll be going home and feeling pretty good about it.

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