Monday, September 12, 2011

pDenny Vs. Hexeris

Couldn't get a 50 point game, so I settled for 35. That meant cutting a Leviathan, reducing the Nyss to minimum, and loosing a Pistol Wraith. I faced a Skorne list with Hexeris (AGAIN), but it was mostly warbeasts.

I quickly realized I had no chance at attrition with so many beasts, but he ran Hexeris dry on Fury in round one, and left an Paingiver to close. Three Focus to the Leviathan, Siren power boost on a node, and Scourge on the Paingiver & Hexeris. Then the Leviathan made two shots with boosted damage on him, and left him on two boxes (sadly he was outside Withering by 2-3 mm or he would have died). Dougal mini-feat + Nyss took care of the last two boxes, and the entire game took less than 30 minutes including setup.

The game itself was so short, that I didn't really learn anything, but I did notice some issues with deployment. The Nyss are very vulnerable to blast damage, and I need to deploy them on a flank instead of dead center. Either way, I'll have to wait until next Monday to get a real test done.

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