Monday, April 2, 2012

All aboard the Black Ogrun pain train!

I got my game in and since I don't have the time to write up a full report I'll just comment on the Black Ogrun. I brought two units (proxies of course) and HOLY CRAP I've been underestimating the impact a unit with multiple wounds can have on a game, much less two full units of them.

I'll need some more games (a lot probably) in order to run them well but they were devastating. The WG Deathstar was wiped of the table since Withering + Crippling Grasp allowed me to pull a model into range of Unbinding (dual tough checks didn't work out as he had hoped there), and after that my solos cleaned up what was left. The other squad took care of three Doom Reavers and Rorsh took care of the rest.

It was a complete rape and I lost a grand total of three models (three Black Ogrun got blown to hell by Widowmakers during eSorschas feat round... who knew they carried 0.50 BMGs). I absolutely love them so far, and while I doubt they'll perform so well every game I've found something new to love (if only they weren't so darn expensive!)

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  1. Good to see someone enjoying the Black Ogrun.

    I've tried to make them work back when I focused on Cryx, and they're hella cheap for the number of wounds they can bring. Considering how most Cryx stuff either relies on high DEF to survive (raiders) or stealth, this might be worth the surprise value alone when the opponent doesn't blow 'em up with one hit.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to the need for debuffs; you can hit just fine with MAT7 but you need a way to help out that PS13 (even pGaspy could help, between Scything Touch and Parasite..).

    That, and a medium base that can't be KO'ed readily be snipers is a boon for a faction with a bunch of medium-based casters.