Monday, April 2, 2012

Vacation time

Tomorrow I'm going to Barcelona and I'll be offline until April 10th. If I do manage a game tonight, even with extra shifts at work and a ton of things to do before I leave, I'll get it done before I leave but I doubt it.


  1. Have a good vacation. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about the Boarding party when you get back ;) Love your dedication to the odd units that people don't really use. I've been having my eye on Croe's lately as well as trying to run one of the lesser warlocks (have no idea who yet though). I also have a thing for the Revenant Cannon Crew, but as i mostly run eDenny, eAsphyxious, Coven (and Scaverous a little bit) at the moment, I'm a bit puzzled trying to figure out which one of these things fit in where, if any :)

    1. Wrong Eye & Snapjaw probably. They fit in well with almost anything because they don't really need anything from a caster. eDenny and Scaverous loves them, eAsphyxious can fit them in, but The Coven probably won't get much out of them.

  2. To the OP: i've been using Revenant Cannon Crew with pDenny fairly effectively. If you play scenario you end up with lots of targets in Range of your cannons. They would also benefit from eDenny.

    Anyway I probably shouldn't use Lamoron's site for this. Post your question to the PP forums and lots of us can provide our thoughts on Rev Cannon Crew.

  3. I have been using the Cannons with eDenny and I think it works ok. It's been a while though, so can't really remember my list from back then besides it having Blackbane's as well.