Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bloat Thralls WIP

I do actually own two Bloat Thralls so I dug them out of the bits box. Then I remembered that one came with no legs and I dismembered the other one in order to make a Deathjack I don't even use. I thought about it and decided I'd gotten very little work done on my conversions lately so I probably shouldn't start new ones.

Jelly-belly and Butterball, dynamic duo!
Grey stuff to add some flesh at the bottom, cork to lift the models up a bit, and I threw on a little paint as well. I'm very much looking forward to putting them on the table Monday but I see that most of the club is going to see Iron Sky instead so that might not happen. I really don't have enough time for gaming and tournaments these days so missing a Monday makes me a sad panda.



  1. Nice to see some Bloat love, I own two of the buggers my self and would love to bring them out more.

  2. Yeah I've been thinking about them every now and then but their vulnerability and Death Blast has put me off them every time. In the list with Black Ogrun Boarding Parties there's plenty of room on the table and Arcing Fire seems very useful when they're behind 40+ wounds worth of medium bases each :)

  3. I like them too, but like a lot of people I find them to be hard to protect. Would love to find a solid way to start using them :)