Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orin Midwinter done

I finished painting Orin Midwinter in my new scheme. It's not the best of images as usual but I think you can get an idea about the model.

I like how corrupted he turned out and though he's been performing somewhat below expectations in most games so far his potential with pDeneghra is impressive (and he did wipe out half a unit of Blackbane's Ghost Raiders in my last game). I've come to the conclusion that his magic suppression ability is a trap and using him for his bug zapping ability is the way to go.



  1. I agree: his pseudo-chain lightning is far more useful in most situations. His Null Magic is pretty great too but only if you're going up against another Cryx player, or perhaps Circle.

    I'm shocked (pun intended) that I don't see him on the table more.

  2. I'd say it takes a specific build to use his null-magic; you need a way to hide him behind something durable, like multi-wound medium bases or a couple of jacks. Otherwise, all you do is force an order-of-activation inconvenience.

    As that best, I think I'd rather just have him snap-crackle-pop some troops.

  3. If his aura blocked channeling he would easily be worth three points. I've only had about ten games with him but one of these days I'll face an army with Druids or Battle Mages, and he'll be right up there behind the Black Ogrun to negate everything :)