Friday, April 20, 2012

Black Ogrun incoming

The one good thing about being ill is that you get to buy stuff and it's alright because it makes you feel better (shut up... it does!). I've decided that I like Black Ogrun enough to actually buy them, even if I only get to field them with a couple of casters.

I'm thinking they need new melee weapons and some serious work on their heads. I also think they need armor and a more cryxian feel (I would have loved another model entirely but PP conversion rules are hard to work with).

I would have loved to use the Skorne Arcuarii weapons but I doubt I can buy ten of those without making these guys the most expensive models in my collection. Just because I'm interested I did a little comparison between Arcuarii and Black Ogrun since their so similar.
  • Black Ogrun are one inch faster.
  • Black Ogrun are two points stronger.
  • Arcuarii are Fearless.
  • Black Ogrun cause Terror.
  • Arcuarii hit about 2.5 points harder.
  • Arcuarii have 0.5 additional threat due to reach.
Everything else is identical which makes Arcuarii slightly better but not by much. Fearless allows for more reliability while Terror means winning a game every now and then when something important fails that check.
  • Arcuarii: 1.5 points / 1.5 points (min/max)
  • Black Ogrun: 1.3 points / 1.2 points (min/max)
That just makes me giggle. Black Ogrun just keep making more and more sense to me and I'm looking forward to getting the models finished so I can get them in games without having to proxy.


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