Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Theory Machine: Bloat Thralls

I had a lot of time to think on the way home from Barcelona. Our original tickets were booked on an airline that went bankrupt and our new tickets had a stop over which took more time than anticipated so we missed the train. Then the next train was late so I had five hours with nothing but a sleeping wife, two drunks, and sugar to keep me company.

Sleep got me around 4. AM
At some point I got to thinking about the whole multiple wound model thing I have going on in the pDeneghra list with two full boarding parties, and I realized that a couple of Bloat Thralls would be a less obvious target in a list like that. Usually the POW 10-12 shots will target my single wound models and the POW 14+ shots will be free to one-hit Bloat Thralls but in a list where the majority of models have similar durability these guys might actually work.

They're horrible marksmen but pDeneghra solves a lot of problems in that department (Aiming + Withering + Crippling Grasp equals a RAT 10 shot with POW 18). POW 7 blast damage is alright but with the debuff queen it becomes very dangerous to bunch up. Arcing Fire enables me to deal a little better with second line models and blast damage gives me a threat against squishy stealth solos.

I've always wanted a list with dual Bloat Thralls and while I remain skeptical I'll be trying it out as soon as possible.


  1. I'm interested in seeing how you do with them. I have a pair from the MK1 days and haven't played them since. Well until just recently when I found that my Venethrax list appreciated more ranged elements for his feat.

    So I'm back to playing them but they come with some drawbacks I'm sure you're aware of. Primary for me is their speed, or lack of it. And then there's the exploding 5" and killing your own stuff problem.

    I've earmarked Scaverous as my next caster to try them with. I think the combination of TK and Darragh Wrathe solves my immediate problem with them.

  2. You clearly ment to say: "KD + Withering + Parasite = RAT inifinity, POW 19 ?
    Bloat is always in my Denny list.

    Also, since you want to try multiwound aproach, have you considered min mechanitralls + 3 brutes?
    For one more point you have one less model and 20(!) wounds more.


  3. Well things usually just die if they're pop'n'dropped anyway but point taken: Arcing Fire allows for another two possible vectors on a dropped caster. :)

    I don't think I understand the Mechanithrall idea. What am I supposed to take them instead of, and how do they amount to +20 wounds?

  4. 10 mechanitralls = 10 wounds
    6 mechanitralls + 3 Brutes = 30 wounds

    Suggestion is to take min MCs+brutes instead of max MC.

    1. It isn't the same one pow 10 AOE can smoke 3 or 4 mcthralls ogrun have 8 boxes per model

  5. The entire point of this isn't to put as many wounds on the table as possible but as many multi-wound models as possible, so like Shinokaze says... I did think about it but the many Mechanithralls would be counterproductive :)