Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When clones fight...

We got in the pDeneghra Vs. pDeneghra game last night and the result was as predicted. My opponent had a non-stealth melee list against a ranged list backed up by debuffs and it's not worth going into details. Instead I did some thinking and came up with the reason ranged pDeneghra is so brutal.

Ranged lists have two major problems. The first is that ranged attacks are often low powered and the second is that you normally only get one round to make it count, but Warwitch Deneghra solves both issues. Feat round and debuffs make cheap ranged models hit as hard as most long range Warjacks and The Withering/Crippling Grasp makes sure you get another round of shooting in, which is usually enough to completely break the back of any list.

The Black Ogrun were kings of the battlefield again, Orin Midwinter lucked out and took down Blackbane and three Ghost Raiders with a single spell, but the Bloat Thralls never got around to doing much (mostly because I tried to hard to keep them safe). I also tried Nightwretches instead of Deathrippers but in this game it made no difference. The kill was a Scourge + Black Ogrun drag followed by Gorman hitting the Black Ogrun with an Acid Bomb and killing Deneghra with the splash.


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