Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas: 100.000 Page Views

Figures I'd be locked in bed with a fever (and several other unpleasant symptoms) when The Overseer hits 100.000 page views, but at least it gave me time to think about what I could do to celebrate.

I've decided I want to reward the people that motivate me to write, so I've gone over the comments I've received, to see who's been the most activate poster, and I've decided that the person with the most comments is to receive a little Christmas Gift.

That turned out to be "duskern" by a large margin, and so he'll be receiving a Gift this Christmas, and in the true spirit of The Overseer, it will be a model/unit considered all but useless in general opinion. Thank you for making it a joy to write, and a merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Thank you very much Lamoron :) This has been a favorite WM/H site of mine since I found it. Hope to get some more fantastic write ups and spotlights in the future :) I'm note sure your site has what you can call, a positive impact on my work diciplin, but it does help me get through the day ;)

  2. Lamoron: destroying the Danish economy since 2011 (Well, it might sound impressive in a decade or so).

  3. That's pretty awesome of you, Lamoron.

    Congrats, duskern.

  4. Thx Neldar :) I must say that it came as a big surprise for me, but I agree... It is pretty awesome :D