Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Terminus challenge

I didn't get in a game last night. I forgot they had a SR 2012 trial tournament on Saturday (which means a slow Monday night), turned up late, and there were no available opponents. I did get to spectate a game, and talk a bit about the triple Machine Wraith idea, so it wasn't a complete loss.

It also occurred to me, that I need to know the exact limits of my Terminus list for ETC, and there's only one real way to do that. The next couple of weeks/months/however long it takes, I'll be challenging opponents with Terminus, and asking them to tailor a list from their faction to wipe me of the table.
Challenge accepted!
They're will be allowed to proxy as many models as they desire, will know my exact list in advance, will be allowed to choose the scenario, and will decide who goes first without rolling for it. Losing games against the worst possible match-ups from every faction, should make it quite easy to spot the weak spots in my list.

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  1. Hey Lamoron,

    How does your new list looks? Need to create a 50 point Hardcore list (with Termy)ans I find your lists very inspiring.