Thursday, December 15, 2011

Talking about Reinforcements

I decided to take a closer look at our available reinforcements, using the criteria I set up after my game this Monday. It turns out that making a set of criteria and applying them without thought, will produce some really poor choices, while removing some very good ones.

Instead I've been through every choice we've got, and found a couple I'll be looking into. There are plenty of other models that might do well, or even a team of five solos might be fun (it could be fun to model a commando team), but these are the ones I'll be looking into first.
  • Cankerworm
Pathfinder, Immunity to Free Strikes, Stealth, and the ability to adapt to many situations. It has trouble dealing with massed infantry, but since it's only five points, I could bring something else to handle that. Adding a Warwitch Siren would allow it to function outside my control range, and there would still be three points left over for a Pistol Wraith or General Slaughterborn.
  • Satyxis Raiders
Incredibly fast, Pathfinders, able to deal with anything except high defense infantry. The only annoying thing about them is, that they're a bit to expensive to allow a full unit with UA & Captain. Either the Captain is missing, or the unit is at minimum size. I still think this might be our best option, but that's almost completely theory machine.
  • Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters
Another really good looking option. Ranged attacks, weapon masters, ignores quite a bit of terrain, but also hard pressed to handle heavy armor without help. They're almost as fast as the Satyxis Raiders, but they're toast if they get involved in close quarter slug-fests.
  • Rorsh & Brine 
While they don't have any way of navigating terrain, they're fast enough to go around most of it, and they're quite self sufficient to boot. Initially I disregarded them, but if you need to score a point, and there's a heavy Warjack in the way, you might just be able to throw it out of the zone with Brine.
  • Honorable mention: Wraith Engine
I honestly think the Wraith Engine might be on to something here. It has Pathfinder, can turn Incorporeal, and can clean out infantry if they're alive. It has a massive threat range upon arrival (a little above twenty inches actually), meaning it can go Incorporeal when it arrives and cause havoc on the flanks.

I still think a team of solos could be interesting, but we don't have a lot of armor cracking solo characters to choose from, and with the whole character restriction stupidity I wouldn't have access to them anyway. I think Gorman + Ragman + 2x Ogrun Bokur could be a funny team, but that's just silly talk.


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  2. All though it would be cool the Wraith Engine will not be eligible for reinforcements, it has pre-deployment.


    * From SR2012 (beta) - Warcasters, Warlocks, models/units with the Pre-Deployment, Attached, Companion rule or models/unit that cannot begin the game in play cannot be Reinforcements. Reinforcement models cannot be bonded. Reinforcements lose the Ambush ability.

    I posted this in the other thread you had and didn't get much feedback, but why not consider Stalkers and a Raider Captain. With 'Extended Control Range' you can control Stalkers with just about any board placement of you Caster, and Raider Captains are money with SPD7, MAT8, Weapons Master, Reach, Sprint, Pathfinder, and a Hand Cannon.

    I am just curios your thoughts on those two models as potentials for 'Reinforcements'

    Sorry for the double post...

  3. I should have known the Wraith Engine would be ineligible: finding something it might be good at should have tipped me off. Thanks :)

    The Stalker and Captain have been on the list several times, but they're both scalpels and I need a hammer. I can't rely on my opponent deploying squishy surplus models to hold the zone, so I need something that can wipe whatever he makes me go through.

    Even if I could bring both two Stalkers and two Captains, and a Khador heavy placed itself with it's back turned within charge range, it still wouldn't die.

    Reinforcements also need the ability to play defense, since one of the scenarios requires it, and Stalkers/Captains don't do well with that either.

    This is ALL theory machine, and I might come crawling back to apologize, but what I've heard from the others with more experience, and what I learned from the first game, points me in the direction of a hammer :)

  4. And I just noticed that the Lesser Warlocks have Companions (Brine & Snapjaw). That means they're not eligible either (what a dumbass rule that is).