Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reinforcements: A call to arms

I really hate reinforcements, but I need to buckle up and deal with it. The first thing I need to do is read the rules, because the first two things I decided to field were illegal: Warcasters, Warlocks, models/units with the Pre-Deployment, Attached, Companion rule or models/unit that cannot begin the game in play cannot be Reinforcements.

It's a Bromance, so we can't go around.
I decided to honor the intentions of The Overseer, and came up with a team to get the ball rolling, but sadly it was another dud. I don't know what it is about this complication, but it's causing a disturbance in the force, and every idea I come up with is flawed in some way.
The proposition
I'd like you all to suggest viable models/units/teams of reinforcements for a caster of your choice, and explain why you think that particular model/unit/team would do well as reinforcements. I'm looking for suggestions covering both seven and ten point reinforcements, and I will compile the best suggestions for each caster. I would prefer the suggestions be posted as comments, but if all else fails an email to Lamoron.Overseer ( will do (ask for anonymity if needed).
This will be the compilation, with the suggestions and explanations. I hope you'll all consider posting your experiences with specific combinations and Warcasters, so we can all make the best of this silly complication, and use it to pancake unsuspecting opponents instead!
  • pAsphyxious
  • eAsphyxious
  • pDeneghra 
  • eDeneghra
  • pGoreshade
  • eGoreshade
  • Mortenebra
  • Scaverous
  • pSkarre
  • eSkarre
  • Terminus
  • Venethrax 
  • Witch Coven
Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. Bokur can't be client of another bokur and they can't have same client so that Assault Team is illegal.


  2. I'm really having a bad streak with Reinforcements. I don't think I've ever (in fifteen years of gaming) been unable to come up with a single interesting way to use a rule before.

  3. Can't remember the cost of the Bokur, but could you not just bring 4 models where two of them are Bokur's?

  4. I could, but I don't see it working. Maybe I could stick to a Bokur, Gudrun, Bosun Grogspar, and Ragman. That would be an interesting team.

  5. I haven't read SR2012 but from your post i conclude that you can take 10 pts as reinforcment?

    You could go with:
    Satyxis captain

    You get all the slam power, Captain is protected form shooting by 2 Shieldguards and she can kill and sprint to position to give her Bokur bonus on his potential target.

    If i'm not mistaken, jacks come in with 3 foc?
    How about Siren + Ripjaw + 3pts of something?

    Ripjaw can shred or, if needed just, Vice lock Heavy and similar goes for Siren who can spray infantry and lock heavies

    Another thought: If you have Darragh in list SH are amazing reinforcments as they have 13" threat range and can retreat further into enemy lines.


  6. My current rather unimaginative way of thinking is fast jam infantry. A min/max unit of satyxis with the UA is 7 and 10 points. Also a min/max unit of blackbanes and a machine wriath is also 7 and 10.
    Both options are fast can get right into position and are unaffected by the terrain due to pathfinder and incorporeal.

    The problem with blackbanes is they are a character unit and with the restrictions it means you can't have them anywhere else.

    Another option might be Bane Knights as with Ghostly they can ignore the terrain and they hit pretty hard and I think would become a fairly major target for your opponent.

  7. Wouldn't it be possible to toss in two arc notes? I mean, depending on your opponents position, it would give you the chance to throw some hellfire spells, or maybe Backlash (Which seems to be the spell I cast most regularly on Skarre :P)
    Or a Stalker? I personally like the stalker, I know a lot of people does not, but I just see an opportunity to toss a stalker in Eiryss's face, or maybe Holt and his elflaaady...

  8. An Arc Node might work well with some casters, but two of them seems a little over the top :)

  9. I´m thinking about two scavengers :)