Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Terminus Challenge: eThagrosh

I've been challenged, by something I expect to steamroll completely: eThagrosh. I could use some more games against Legion, as I have precious little experience fighting the tricky bastards, so I accepted anyway. I find my battles against Legion to be fast paced, ugly, and too close for comfort, so expecting to steamroll someone who knows what's coming might be a little presumptuous.

I did some reading back when I considered taking up Legion, and eThagrosh was at the top of my list. His preferred plan of attack seems to be ramming as many beasts into the opponents army as he can, tearing it apart with Manifest Destiny and Dragon Storm, which is exactly what my list is designed to resist. I'll need to spread out, take care of The Forsaken, and make sure the Messiah isn't allowed to hit Terminus without Beyond Death being up, but from there it will be a grind I'm pretty sure I'll win (famous last words).

1 comment:

  1. Excellent, I'd love a battle report or lessons learned, as Legion is my current primary nemesis. I'm 1 for 4.