Friday, December 23, 2011

Quite Interesting: A return to infantry machine

I stumbled upon this article, and I consider it mandatory reading, although it's about Khador (also, he keeps saying things like "The Cryx players have it right", which warms my blackened little heart). The first half of the article is where all the really good stuff is located, so feel free to quit it when he goes on to the more specific Khador things.


  1. Freeing up the resources of your caster, as well as having a lot of models with high power attacks seems like a good idea. But you end up playing a list with a whole lot of models. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it does complicate your turns when you have 40 or more models on the table. I have recently been thinking a lot about playing more simple lists, containing 25 or so models, but it might be true that the power of Cryx lies in our infantry.

  2. Nigel is dead on with his article. Its not just tournament play its also the competitive home game that I see this in. A great article that covers both the buy now pay later (or never) aspect of Hordes and the reason why infantry is just more flexible. I generally seek to put one heavy in my Cryx lists and its for a specific job - usually cracking high ARM (hello Nightmare) but sometimes support (hello Harrower).

    Lately I've found myself *not* including a heavy in a Cryx list which has me wondering how that will play out. I've been experimenting with more lights like the new Scavenger as well as more solos and mercs.

    Finally I play Khador as a second faction and I started out by putting two heavy jacks in each list. I'm still doing that but I can see a possible evolution down to one. That said one shouldn't forget that Cryx jack points are usually eaten up by nodes so on a Cryx Vs Khador comparison one should be aware of that.