Friday, December 2, 2011

Not happy with the first result

GIMP is making me work for it. I don't think I ever worked in something that made so little intuitive sense, and the first result is not impressive.

I think I need to try something else, but there's my Croe's Cutthroats in all their glory. I might just chicken out, and make some physical backdrops and simply take my pictures on them instead.

Edit: Aaand there's a white edge on it I never even noticed before.


  1. I'm impressed you cut them out this cleanly on what I'm guessing is your first attempt at this?

    Don't beat yourself up about it too much photo editing is difficult and it takes some time before you learn all the tricks.

    I do graphic design for a living and cutting things out of photos is one of the most time consuming things I have to do.

  2. That warms my sad little soul to hear. Time is not something I have a lot of these days, and the snowbases on my other models keep messing up the marker tools as well, so come Monday I'll try the physical backdrop idea instead.

  3. They look like they just got shot out of a supernova.