Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Gorman slingshot

Answering another comment it occurs to me that I've never mentioned the Gorman slingshot. I've told you before that Gorman and I aren't exactly friends, but that's not entirely true, because Cryx has access to the tools we need for a slingshot (actually I think every Warmachine faction except Retribution has access to these models).
  • Gorman di Wulfe
  • Madelyn Corbeau
  • Dougal MacNaile
The main problem with Gorman is the short range of his grenade attacks, and his poor RAT, making the game-changing Black Oil unreliable at best. I don't much like unreliable, and that's why I don't like Gorman, but sometimes his team mates are already in a list, and then I bring him.

Madelyn can move Gorman three inches with Intrigue. Dougal MacNaile can give him +2 RNG with his mini-feat, and +2 RAT with his Artillerist *Action (and the ability to re-roll the scatter). Instead of 12" threat and RAT 5, he has 17" threat and RAT 7, with the option to re-roll scatter if he fails.

While nothing is ever certain, it makes for a nasty surprise on casters that thought they were safe behind the lines. It does cost you actions worth 5-6 points, but blinding the right model at the right time has won a lot of games, and with the Gorman slingshot you can actually plan around it.

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