Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Having been struck by some heavy migraines, vision problems, regular headaches, nausea, and other annoying things during the last couple of tournaments, and now the entire last week, I decided to have someone look at it.

It so happens, that my brother in law is one of the best, though fairly anonymous, physical therapists in Denmark, so I had him take a look at it. After a substantial amount of poking and prodding, he asks me if I'd been driving on/before the days of my attacks. As it turns out I had borrowed my fathers Mazda MX-5 either the day before, on on the day of the tournaments. The week long attacks began shortly after a three hour drive in that very car, and the diagnosis was clear.

Taxi arm...
That's about the dumbest thing I've ever suffered. One arm resting on the door, and the other on the stick, apparently means making a twist in the neck and back, that when exposed to draft, or simply held to long, will mess up your neck and shoulders badly. So after about thirty minutes of excruciating pain, I felt a difference. I still have the flashes, but no more pain and nausea, and here's to hoping the flashes will be gone tomorrow.

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