Monday, July 18, 2011

No game today...

Due to a bad case of the munchies, I was fifteen minutes late, and there were no opponents left. It was alright though, since I was feeling very uncomfortable about my list anyway, and I got to watch some great players duke it out instead.

I've gone up against, and beaten, both of them before, but every time I watch one of them play, I learn something new. I know the rules about as well as they do, and I know my units and statistics better than they do, but they constantly pull moves I didn't expect. They seem to have a much easier time combining abilities, and making their armies use every available action to it's full potential

I hope it's just a matter of experience, but in the meantime I'm mentally cataloging every dirty trick they pull for future use. The main source of dirty tricks actually inspired my Mortenebra Light Jack list which has done so well, when he performed backwards slams with Helldivers, and taught me that keeping my caster safe is always priority number one (by killing Mortenebra before I got toll a single dice).

So what did I learn today by watching...
  • Krielstone bearers don't like being seduced by Warwitch Sirens, and moved out of Self Sacrifice range.
  • With so many things causing Terror/Abomination, something will eventually fail if you keep remembering to make him roll those dice. I'm writing "Terror" on the back of every model that has it from now on.
  • Malice may use possession out of activation, which makes free strikes from her a royal pain in the arse.

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