Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just found out I'm qualified for the Danish Masters, due to a pass down.

While I would probably be allowed to participate anyway, it's nice to know I've got a spot secured. This also means, that missing the final qualification round won't matter much, which is pretty darn nice, since I'm pretty sure it's on the day of my stag party.

I'm also quite certain I'll be bringing Scaverous & Terminus, since my games with Mortenebra are to close for comfort, eGaspy takes to long to move around, and I lack experience with anyone else. I also lack experience with Scaverous, but so does everyone else, so it should even out nicely.


  1. You where planning to go play a tournament two days before your wedding? Good thing you got the qualification early!

  2. Two days before, I thought it was the day before... you guys are slacking... I was planning on being a complete wreck on my wedding ;)