Thursday, July 7, 2011

Malice is a girl...

Our beloved Malice, is the first female Helljack in Cryx.

The Deathjack has humongous claws, the Nightmare has giant claws as well, but Malice has the same size claw as the regular Slayer, and just a few stylish accessories on her Harpoon. This means that Malice does not suffer from Penis envy, and that's a very strong argument.

When a regular Helljack slaps or hits you, he's an offending asshole, and you either beat him up or run away if you can't. When Malice slaps you one, even though it makes you angry, you will go stand in the corner and await further punishment. No man can ever make another man do that.

This is also why no Warcaster claims affinity with Malice, and why she's in no theme forces either, because You don't own me. Malice is a woman...

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