Thursday, July 14, 2011


It just hit me that someone might like an explanation in regards to Terminus with two Reapers. If you've been following my Blog a while, you'll remember that I've been running a Gunslinger list with two Leviathans, and doing fairly well with it.

I sat around looking at those two Leviathans, and thinking I should be able to find something that performed the same function, and didn't set me back eighteen points at the same time. There were two main reasons for bringing Leviathans with Terminus in the first place, and those were to block charges, and to have something that was able to take a couple of rounds of continuous effects and live to tell about it. The final reason was to have something that was able to handle Cygnar Cyclones, and I do think the Reapers can come through on that one.

First of all they're a good deal cheaper, and will block a lane just as effectively against melee threats. Ranged threats never bothered Terminus much, so the fact that they can be knocked down isn't a huge deal like with Mortenebra. The reaper also performs well with Terminus' only Battle-group spell "Ravager", which gives it a Thresher like ability against infantry. With just one Focus assigned, the Reaper can charge a unit, and potentially kill every model within 2" of it. I think I'll be giving them two Focus each, so they can initiate a new round of attacks if I roll poorly, since MAT 7 isn't enough against a lot of light infantry

Against heavy targets the Sustained attack means reliability, and I love reliability. Where a Leviathan would need average dice on every attack against high defense heavies, the Reaper needs below average and will then hit with every remaining attack without rolling. With the mass of Bane Thralls around, getting a Dark Shroud debuff on the target shouldn't be impossible, and with Gorman around the Reaper will munch heavies with Sustained PS20 attacks.

It will certainly need testing, and I'd love to be able to include some Warwitch Sirens to keep them active in rounds I need to camp, but then something else is leaving the list. I'm also entertaining the thought that Malice would be a welcome addition, but stealing souls might become an issue on feat turn. Then again, having the ability to turn his biggest problem (opposing heavies), into the one thing he needs the most (heavies that won't drain his Focus), is tempting.

<<Random idea warning>>

Terminus with Malediction, and a friendly bane with Dark Shroud, on either side of the heavy warjack that just turned it's back to the WSC, means hitting DEF 13 on 3+, and rolling 4d6+17 damage with the WSC, even without Gorman. Very tempting actually... perhaps fewer Bane Thralls...

Erebus would also be nice, as he performs the Road Block job even better, and also works very well with Ravager. That would leave me with no real Reapers, and I'd have spent 17 points on them, but it would help me mix it up a bit here and there... choices choices.

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