Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Training game...

We had an player turn up today, that had his last game in MK1, and I volunteered to run a training game for him. He was more or less up to speed on the rules for MK2, and a veteran player of old, so we had a semi-competitive game, but I pointed out mistakes he was about to make, and gave him the odd suggestion for rules he was obviously unaware of.

He did very well, but in all the confusion he forgot about objectives, and put himself in a bad position where he had to come to me, in order to avoid loosing outright. He was playing Hexeris, which I'd never faced before, and dear god that's an amusing feat. I had half my unit of Croe's trying to assassinate my Warwitch at one flag, and my Bloodgorgers punching each other on the other. In the end Malice got him, and while it wasn't a "real" game, I did learn a few things.
  • One unit of Bloodgorgers is not enough to bear the brunt
  • General Slaughterborn either dies or does nothing in the game
  • I need to play Croe's more defensively.
  • Ragman still rocks, and allowed Malice to kill a Titan Cannoneer
  • I don't think I need Saxon Orrik, with the Skarlock available
  • I don't think I need two Warwitch Sirens. Then again, why not
So... either I find something I like for four points, or I figure out a way to find two extra points, and include a couple of Pistol Wraiths. I also found the idea of running a couple of machine wraiths funny, as Telekinesis can increase possession range to 12", and kicking out two machine wraiths could wreck his focus economy. Then again.. Warjacks go in the belly and become Seethers, so maybe it's not worth it.

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