Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ramblings: Running a blog

A friend of mine spoke to me about his blog the other day, and wanted to quit, because he wasn't getting the response he felt he needed, but blogging isn't something you should do, if you're looking for recognition

Whenever I encounter a new blog, I can instantly tell if the author is looking for ratings, or simply writing because he likes it. There's nothing inherently bad about wanting good ratings, and anyone that tells you he/she ignores the ratings is a damn filthy liar, but there's a difference between liking your ratings, and writing because of them. I think my friend caught on to this rather quickly, but it got me thinking (and thus posting) about blogs in general.

This blog was created in order to organize my experience with Warmachine, and having it become a success is something of a surprise. I don't get a lot of comments here, but I get a couple of hundred visits a day, which is quite frankly about a couple of hundred more than I expected. This is what I feel makes up a good blog, and even though I love seeing the graphs go up, the important thing is, that I like what I do.

I hope my readers come here for the occasional insight, and the fact that I'm trying to deviate as much as possible from internet wisdom. They/you could also be coming because of my spotlight articles, but I know you're not coming because of my great battle reports or paint guides. I'm a poor painter, and I get so involved in playing, that I never remember to note down details or take pictures, but there are hundreds of sites out there dedicated to just those things (and every one of them better than mine).

The most important thing to remember is, that you should be blogging for your own benefit. If you're trying to make money with commercials, or simply hunger for attention, you will end up with a poor blog and no readers, which incidentally is what you should have been aiming for in the first place. If you want to blog then find whatever it is you do well, and stick to it.



  1. Hehe, found your blog after you starting answering my newb-questions in the PP cryx-subforum and since you're running Morti a lot, a caster I have my eyes on (and finishing gluing together w/o going crazy^^) I added the blog to my g-reader list.

    So yeah, I appreciate your work even if I'm not commenting a lot.