Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bane Knights, the dilemma.

There are plenty of discussion about Bane Knights Vs. Bane Thralls, and which unit to bring, but I always found those discussions a bit silly, since they're two very different units. Today I realized something, and it is a choice between the two units.

Tartarus is the reason why, and that's bugging me like crazy. We all know he's a linchpin for the Bane Thralls, but if we add another ten points worth of models, which also become less effective when he dies, he becomes a huge liability.

Bane Thralls are hugely important to almost every list, since they act as a force multiplier with their Dark Shroud, besides being one of the best infantry units in the game. That leaves Bane Knights high and dry, and I do love those Knights. Sad thing is, it took me a year to notice that particular issue. Time to run some lists with 18-21 points worth of army riding on Tartarus!

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