Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conquering the attention disorder.

A while back I decided on a project, that would stand above my usual level of commitment. This was back in my Warhammer 40.000 days, and I decided to build a Warboss worthy of leading my Waaagh!. It took me forever, but I made a little progress every week, and in the end I had a product that inspired actual terror.

I also decided that my painting skills weren't up to the task of defining the model, so I inspired a very skilled friend to do it instead. I hope you can appreciate the details, even with the shoddy image quality.

This time I'll build a Terminus. I'll take forever doing it, and as a challenge to myself, I'll take forever painting it as well (having a friend do it, is something of a one-shot deal). I already have a working Terminus model, so there's no rush, but I'm quite excited to see what I can do if I really put an effort into it. So far I've decided on putting Terminus, The Deathjack, and a GW Zombie Dragon into the blender, and seeing what takes shape.

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