Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stay your Wrath: Flattery

A few days ago, I decided on piling together the models I never use, and bring that as an army. A couple of hours later, a better idea was waiting in a PM: Stay your Wrath.

I was bored with my go-to models, so I picked up a model I didn’t particularly find useful and put her on the table. I vowed that I would keep playing Anastasia di Bray until she did something useful. I examined her and sought others’ opinions, and drafted up a list of her potential uses and notable drawbacks and weaknesses; I then drew up a list of ways she could be used to accomplish her goals without succumbing to her flaws.
She was pretty useless in game after game, but eventually she clicked. After eight games, she finally got her Espionage thing off, which gave me a neat little vector on a caster kill. Using what I learned in that game, I kept putting her in my armies for a few weeks, and found that I was now able to make her work for me on a regular enough basis to make her a worthwhile inclusion. Satisfied, I put her back in my foam and moved onto the Thunderhead.
- Spud
Imitation being the greatest form of flattery, I think I'll try this instead. I've been meaning to put Mortenebra on the table again, and that Desecrator looks ripe for a proxy run.

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