Monday, October 24, 2011

I hate myself.

I've received the last few miniatures I need for my mercenary lists (eEiryss and A&H), so I can field a tournament set with McBain & pMagnus. Eleven out of thirty models are assembled, and looking at it I realize I've bought myself another ranged assassination list.

Why on earth did I buy a damn ranged assassination list, when I just had to abandon one. I really need to find myself a melee Hordes army, and just never look back. Stupid, stupid, stupid!


  1. Play Skorne. It's (almost) impossible to build a pure ranged assassination list. Not impossible, but picking ranged units will usually 'accidently' get you good melee power (Titan Cannoneers, Arcurai, Basilisk Drake/Krea pairs). Might want to be cautious with Venator units, and Hexeris/Rasheth though!

  2. It's worth a shot, but most Skorne models are just so darn ugly.

    Trollbloods might also do well, if I stay away from Gunnbjorn, but both of those factions are very common in our meta, and I don't like diminishing variety :)

  3. Maybe I'll just stick to running my Lesser Warlocks with Cryx for now. That seems to provide the hard and interesting games I crave :)