Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wasn't I supposed to do this last week?

Sigh, in all the excitement I've completely forgotten about designing some lists for the tournament this weekend. It's character restricted, and the first day is 35 point lists, while the second day requires the same lists upgraded to 50 points.

That would be fine except I'm running a D&D campaign tonight, and Friday I'm playing the "Wandering Vampire" at work, since we've got a Halloween event for children (I'm using my LARP experience for something work related, SUCK IT Mrs. Guidance Councilor, I win!). I would probably be happier, if I didn't have to look like Cuddles the vampire, but work decided my initial costume would be problematic.

What!? They're FIVE, grow up already. I guess Thursday will be busy...

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