Thursday, October 20, 2011


A discussion over at the forums got me thinking about the Desecrator. I've been proven wrong before, but I'm usually quite good at seeing potential, and I see a lot of potential in the Desecrator. Most of the time I see people complaining about the short range of the Plague Bringer, and since it's slow as well I can see why. The thing is, that I don't see the Desecrator as being an offensive unit, which means it will fit my style perfectly.

This is pure theory, since I've yet to put it on the table, but the Desecrator brings more of my favorite thing: Impossible choices. A faction model placed in a scather template is immune to non-reach single wound melee infantry, and that's more models than you might think. It can stop all your problems with Daughters of the Flame, block entire units of Knights Exemplars, and protect you from Sword Knights, Kayazy Assassins, Bloodgorgers, Bane Thralls, and the many other annoying units out there.

As we're playing Cryx we have access to stealth (or incorporeal) on a lot of things, which means that with the scather template we should be damn hard to get, and it could allow for some really aggressive moves. Even models with reach will be severely hampered if you bring two Desecrators, as they can create a nine inch wall of death. It will probably cost you a model or two in order to place the templates accurately, or you could use an incorporeal model as your target (another possible use for Blackbane's Ghost Raiders) and place them just where you'd like.
  • eAsphyxious: Bane Thralls and Caustic Mist creates a great environment for the Desecrator. Together they can create a ridiculously large wall of corrosion, and with Dark Shroud and Parasite available the Desecrator will hit at PS 22.
  • Mortenebra: Terminal Velocity and Critical Shred are made for each other. Non-tier Mortenebra works well with Bane Thralls, giving Mortenebra access to the attrition play she otherwise lacks. Competition would be hard though, since the Harrower is so good with her.
  • pSkarre: Dark Guidance and Critical Shred go well together, and Blood Magic fits well in that mix. pSkarre also likes an infantry horde, so fitting in some Banes should be easy. eSkarre's Black Spot and the Plague Bringer should also get acquainted at some point.
  • Terminus: Hell yes! I've been looking for something like this, and I always run him with Bane Thralls anyway. The Plague Bringers can add a layer of defense to the brick, and make it suicide to engage it. I think he will like them very much.
A few of the other casters will enjoy the Desecrator as well, but four casters lined up with great synergy isn't bad at all. I'm really looking forward to trying it out, but I'd like the real model first.
I'll return with a spotlight when I get in some games with it.


  1. Are you thinking of running dual desecrators or a desecrator and malice with terminus? Which setup do you feel would be more beneficial?

  2. Two Desecrators seems vastly superior to one in theory, but it remains to be seen. I think I'll try some proxy games soon, and see how it goes.