Monday, October 24, 2011

It's the games you remember.

Though I'm not entirely sure where I wrote it, it seems I issued a challenge a while back, and today it was answered. The Trollblood player that took second in the Danish Masters, had fought quite a few battles against me, and never once had he actually won, so he decided that today was the day.

I had brought my Lord Exhumator casual-list, and I faced an equally casual Gunnbjorn Tier list. Neither list was close to optimal, and strangely we each faced our worst match-up. I was facing a list with endless AoE attacks, and he was facing a list with endless stealth. I thought it would come down to dice, and it did.

I don't think I've ever seen two players roll worse dice so consistently, and any casual observer would have labeled us both complete newbies, with the amount of mistakes we made during the game. It was a fantastic experience, and I've never had a better game of Warmachine: Period. Finally, this goes out to my opponent!

I got my ass kicked, and it was epic. I think I need to mention a few of the exceptional stupidities we both made, so here's a little list.
  • Placing Tartarus between two Bombers, with the intent of locking and debuffing both, but ending up being unable to engage either due to range.
  • Placing Wrong Eye in front of a Fell Caller Hero, and then running Snapjaw full on focus.
  • Killing a Slag Troll on the round I wanted to assassinate, just to see three Fury reaped, making Gunnbjorn immune to my assassination. Then seeing the Slag Troll resurrected, since he was killed by a Bile Thrall purge rolling boxcars.
I then tried for an assassination, and I had Puppet Master up, Black Gate up, and needed to roll 13+ once, with six tries, to TK-pull out Gunnbjorn: guess what failed. Then I charged in with Brine, and the horrible dice continued, leaving Gunnbjorn alive and kicking. My opponent also made some epic mistakes, so there was excitement to the very last dice.
  • Assaulting the Withershadow Combine with Scouts, only to realize they were still outside stealth range. Then they failed a Terror check, got themselves Threshered by Scaverous, and the sole remaining scout fled into some nearby woods.
  • Running up two Bushwhackers, in order to provide targets to wipe out the Bane Thralls, then killing them both with drifting blasts, from other targets he missed.
  • Trying to kill my Bokur with the last remaining scout, only to accidentally engage it, and making it ten times as difficult to kill.
In the end the Slag Troll took a shot, and rolled 34 damage against a Focus dry Scaverous. Then Scaverous got himself hit by Winter Troll, reducing him to one hit point, with corrosion active. Sadly the last remaining Bushwhacker managed to hit defense fourteen and do exactly one point of damage, or the game would have ended with Scaverous melting.

As I've said before, it was the best game I've ever had, and I can no longer claim a perfect score against that particular player. I love playing my Lesser Warlocks, and I love running the less than optimal lists.

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