Thursday, February 16, 2012

Circle paint scheme

I was thinking about colors for my Circle army, so I began trawling the web for a little inspiration. I don't much like the green hippie look of Circle in general, and I remembered seeing a couple of very impressive evil Circle themes a while back.

That's some very disturbing Woldwyrds, and I think a "blood & gore" theme might do well with all the wolves. I also liked the blue/silver look a lot, but I'm not sure my skills are up to the task of actually painting something like that.

Evil blood and gore it is then. I did see some form of diabolic Circle theme as well (Satyrs painted up as red satan thingies), but I couldn't find it. If you happen to know where it is, please throw me a link in the comments or on Lamoron.Overseer (gmail).


  1. That is pretty awesome. I liked the rules for Circle and the models, but the forest elf look was a bit too generic for me. I might have to steal the demonic theme too.

  2. Lol, you can take the player out of the Cryx, but you can't take the Cryx out of the player. ;)

  3. We do have a base beneath the Thornwood don't we ;)

    Steam powered Circle, Necrotite powered cyborg Warpwolfwolves... Mmmm... I could still do it.

  4. Now you've done it, sir. I've read everything on here. Only took me a week of diminished work capacity and therefore you owe me a favour:

    Please post 292 more articles so I have next week covered! ;)

    // Stefan

  5. Bugger, I think the wife might kill me if I go for it.