Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sculpting/Converting the old Gorax

I bought an old Gorax model with the intention of learning to sculpt on a model that couldn't possibly get any worse. I could take a hammer to the thing for an hour and it would still be an improvement, which is a good thing because I've never actually sculpted anything before.

Old sculpt.
New sculpt.
The new Gorax is alright so I'll aim for something between the two models. I decapitated an old model from some obscure system I can't remember, and got down to business. This is difficult, and waiting for the putty to harden before doing the next step is a challenge.

Hear me roar!
It's funny how I can see my progress in understanding how sculpting works. I tried building the torso from different pieces of Grey Stuff in one go, which turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. When I did his left arm (right on the picture) I built it using modules, defining one set of muscles and moving on to the next, which worked a lot better but I got the proportions all wrong and didn't really understand that I needed to "overdo" it on the muscles to make them stand out.

The right arm (left on the image) turned out almost exactly like I pictured it, and with a bit of sanding I think it'll be perfect. The torso is the right shape, and I think I can fix it with some additional modules when I get around to it, and even as unfinished as it is right now, I can see it will be better than the old model (though probably inferior to the new one).

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