Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pKrueger, the slapping.

I took a virginity last night! I lost my first game with Circle, and my opponent had never won a real game before. It turns out he did have a bit more experience than I thought, and had won some games online, so he wasn't quite the rookie I thought he would be.

I was up against Siege, and I've never faced him before and didn't see what all the fuss was about. That's because I'm used to half my shit being stealthy, and I see that now. I honestly don't think I can write a complete report about it, since I was concentrating as hard as possible on not messing up three Warlocks at once, but I'll try for some highlights. It was a complete grind, with very little left on the table, but I had my shot at an assassination and I took it.

Druids pull in Siege, Megalith tramples to him and punches him to eight boxes left. Woldwatcher takes him down to three boxes with some average dice, and Krueger charges in for the kill. Siege had Arcane Shield up so he was armor twenty, and I should average two damage for every boosted attack, which meant I should do around eight damage. I did none and lost, but here are the highlights.
  • Boomhowlers making 9 out of 10 successful tough checks, then none after Boomhowler died.
  • Megalith getting himself killed by a Journeyman Warcaster with a gun (not on feat turn), though I think my opponent might have forgotten he assigned the Hunter to Junior, since it had two Focus at the end, Arcane Shield was upkept, and he had two Focus to shoot Megalith.
  • I made a mistake thinking the Woldwatcher was immune to slams, but in the end it didn't matter.
  • Snapjaw lived three rounds with four boxes left, snacking, healing and taking more damage. The game ended with him at three boxes, having been down to one box twice.

The first thing I need to do is get rid of Rorsh & Brine. Wrong Eye & Snapjaw were alright, though getting stuck in Boomhowlers that refused to fail Tough checks shut him down hard. I bought a Gnarlhorn so there's an obvious replacement. The Swamp Gobbers were a waste of time, and the Druids badly need that advanced deployment to work.

Lanyssa died early to blast damage, so adding a Wayfarer seem prudent. I completely forgot the Woldwatcher could shoot, so that's something to remember the next time if I bring it. I also used my feat a round to late, and I was missing Shifting stones to pull Kruegers behind out of the fire.

Still it was great fun being a complete noob-tard again, and I'm looking forward to more Circle action. I also think it'll make me a better player, as you always see flaws better when they're in your own lists :)


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