Thursday, February 23, 2012

Q&A: pBaldur Vs. Terminus

A friend came asking why Will Pagani was calling his pBaldur list "almost auto-win" against Terminus. You'd think I would be able to answer that, so I took a look at the list and came to the conclusion that it would be against a standard Terminus list, but mine might stand a chance.
Baldur the Stonecleaver
Druids of Orboros (Leader and 5 Grunts)
-Druid of Orboros Overseer
Sentry Stone (Leader and 3 Manikins)
Shifting Stones
-Stone keeper
Shifting Stones
Stoneward and 5 Woldstalkers
Stoneward and 5 Woldstalkers
Blackclad Wayfarer
Against a standard Terminus list the Woldstalkers will eliminate the models in front of Terminus. The Druids will then pull out Terminus since he can't pawn away magic attacks. Wold Guardians will then molest him unless poor dice and tough saves him. If this is somehow impossible, the list can increase terrain to ridiculous levels with forests, clouds, Megalith, and feat, and win on scenario instead.

I love this model!
I had a talk with Will about his thoughts on facing Bane Thralls instead, and I'm expecting my ETC list to stand a chance (depending on terrain actually, since my Machine Wraiths really need cover in order to survive the Woldstalkers), but in the case of equally skilled opponents the odds are definitely in pBaldurs favor.
  • Bane Thralls will remove the option of aiming for the Woldstalkers, and reduce their range to 14" including Zephyr, which means he can't hit and run like he could against Mechanithralls.
  • Bane Thralls will make it a lot harder to pull out Terminus, by virtue of being harder to remove in the first place, and they can hurt his Wold Guardians without charging which is vital.
  • Machine Wraiths will make it easier to avoid losing on scenario, though it requires cover or the Woldstalkers will simply blow them away. 
Then he offered to kick my ass if he makes to the ETC. I can't lose that one, because even when I do I'll learn so much about Circle that it'll be worth it.


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