Saturday, February 11, 2012

You know you're tired when...

... you fall asleep in the john during your mothers birthday. This week has been insane, and I need to make it through tomorrow before I'm done. The upside is that I got to hang out with three of the best danish writers of young adult books, watch kids blow soft drinks out their noses trying to win the Unique Achievement, and only three of them were bleeding when the night was over (and one just lost a baby tooth).

The "Bag of Death" achievement was to stick your head in a bag containing a shoe from each of the five boys with the worst smelling feet, and hold it for two minutes. The "Eat a family sized pizza" achievement was taken home by a kid who then unknowingly tried for the secret achievement "puke in a plastic bag", but failed despite munching another half family sized pizza (damn that kid could eat!).

The night was all about allowing boys to be foul mouthed and disgusting, while smashing things (baseball bats make a fine mess out of porcelain cups) and gorging themselves, so of course there were no girls allowed. A kid walked up to me when the pizza guys delivered, and asked me who else was going to join us, and when I told him it was all for us he just looked at me and said: This is the best night of my life. There are times where I love my job.


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